Cute Wars - Cats VS Dogs App Reviews

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Eh.... its pretty good

I didn’t even get the bells!😡 the game it’s self is great!!

Soooooo cute

I have all of your games and they’re so cute puppies 🐶 and kittens 🐱 I love them both so much and the fact they really do fight WOW!!! 😜😝


I LOVE this game. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It’s SO fun. I highly recommend it. Although, I do wish there were more games to battle in. I LOVE it though. GET IT!

Some what good, some what dissapoined

I don’t really like that you have to get 250 coins in the roulette especially when you pay for tickets. You also get a free spin for when you get the same breed which is again, very disappointing. On the bright side, sometimes it’s amazing like when you only have to watch an ad and you get 1 diamond, half a heart, and COINS. The other fun thing is that you get to collect the breeds which is great. Overall its addicting!


I was playing around and I thought I would go on fur away to risk it. I was playing, and I won. But, when I won, it didn't give me ANYTHING. It did take my money, which was a little over 100k though. I won and I didn't get ANY treasure or battle stars. I just got scammed. Really?! :\


I am so mad! What is up with you wacky people? I barley had enough money to go for meowi island, and I won the battle. Then, for 10 seconds the internet wasn’t working. When I got back on, not only did it take away my reward, but it actually TOOK AWAY MY MONEY. So now I have hardly enough money to do anything. I will probably have to delete the game if you don’t fix this. Another thing, why does it have to require internet anyway? Fix that too. And maybe make it so you don’t have to buy battles in some way too.


Fun but totally unbalanced. If you end up going against someone who has one of the legendary items don't bother. Just close the app because that person will ALWAYS win ALWAYS! You'd be waisting your time trying to play them. Such crap.

Cute WOW! 🐱🐶

I just downloaded this for bells, but I ended up playing this for hours! Plus you can choose from two teams; Dogs and Cats. It is BETTER then Minotos. Or Shido. It is better than both. And it is kid-appropriate fighting; You match water balloons in a limited amount of time each turn. You will be hooked by this. Try it. This Cute Wars is the best game I played! WHOA! I need you to let us take as much time as needed so we don't get upset about running out of time. 💯 recommended if you let us take our time on the game, PLEASE DON'T RUSH US!!! Cute Wars lover, Elaine. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating for this game.


Amazing app! Can't wait for the new update where you can play with your friends 😊



Cats + dogs = adorable


Edit soon🐺🦄🐺🦄🐺🦄🐺🦄🐺🦄🐺🖤💜💜💖

Haven't tried yet but it seems cute Editing will be here soon

They lied

They told me that they were going to give me 150 coin things and I didn't get anything smh 😤😤😤😤


This game is super fun and adorable! One thing: in your game Mimitos, you can change your skin. Can you do that in this game? That would be really fun. :)


I am so in love with the game! But I got this other game called Mimitos and it said you can get 150 bells if you got this game! But by the time I got the game I didn't get any bells.


Great game until my game glitched and now I'm 300,000 in debt somehow. Now I can't play the game and I'm really bummed.

Nice Cute Game

Only installed it for the free 150 bells for Mimitos.😂😂😂

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