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Cute Wars - Cats VS Dogs

4.4 ( 6384 ratings )
게임 아케이드 퍼즐
개발자: Ediciones Babylon
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What’s the cutest: cats or dogs? This has been the greatest dilemma for humanity for many centuries. 

Play now this cute online game where cats and dogs will contest in an epic battle and decide wich one is the best faction! You will enjoy the puzzle gameplay with a strategy touch and a match mechanic. Challenge people from all the world in an addictive water balloon duel amongst cats and dogs! 

Are you ready for the Cute Wars?

√ Play online against the opposite faction in the cutest wars. 
√ Enjoy a fun gameplay that will captivate you from the first time.
√ Improve your skills playing in the 7 available levels.
√ Collect more than 15 necklaces that will give you special and unique skills during the game.
√ Discover what happens if you play with water balloons near the cactus.
√ Take part in the weekly ranking and get big prizes.
√ Obtain your weekly reward if your faction(cats or dogs) is winning.
√ Get all the collectible characters. They are really cute!
√ Play with Mimitos and Shibo, The cats and dogs lovers around the world have their water balloons ready!

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*This game requires internet connection.

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Have fun playing Cute Wars!